Enjoy Returns of up to 4%

Without Sacrificing Liquidity or Stability

You don’t ask much from the cash in your portfolio. But you’d sure like it to earn more than 1% a year.

Now it can.

Aegis Financial, LLC, has created an innovative, unique investment vehicle available to accredited investors. Backed by a portfolio of real estate holdings, this investment is highly liquid, bonded and insured, and can deliver up to 4% APY guaranteed by Aegis Financial.

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How It Works

Aegis Financial is a privately owned company located in Ruston, Louisiana, with more than 20 years of experience in real estate acquisitions and management. It owns, operates and invests in single family, multi-family and commercial properties located in northern Louisiana and east Texas.

Aegis Financial has developed a way to securitize the highly predictable income generated by the rent from its properties. In this way, investors are not exposed to fluctuations in the value of the properties themselves, as can be the case with REITs and other real estate-backed investments. Rather, your return is derived from income, and is fixed and guaranteed by Aegis Financial, LLC.

This creative approach mitigates the trade-off between stability and return potential that investors have traditionally had to make with the cash in their portfolio. It enables Aegis Financial to offer accredited investors:

Premium Yields

Fixed annual returns between 3%-4%, based on your total account balance.


The ability to add and withdraw funds immediately online without transaction fees or withdrawal penalties.


Invested funds are backed by the underlying real estate, bonded and insured, and monitored by an independent accounting firm.

Who is Well-Suited for this Offering?

The combination of stable cash flow and attractive short-term returns makes Aegis Financial a particularly compelling option for:

Individuals who want a predictable income stream from secure, liquid assets.

Individuals seeking an alternative to traditional savings accounts with minimal returns.

Companies seeking better returns from cash they intend to invest in future projects.

Earnings are paid monthly and can be automatically reinvested, or distributed by check or ACH.

Now able to accept investments from self-directed IRAs.

How is it Supported?

Aegis Financial centers its portfolio in northern Louisiana and east Texas. They focus specifically on rental properties in areas that have a high demand for rental space but inadequate supply to meet that demand.

By concentrating on cash producing real estate, rather than relying on buying and selling properties to generate returns, Aegis Financial can offer investors 30%-40% of net cash flow on the properties in their portfolio. Thus, Aegis Financial can seek to purchase additional attractive properties, while investors reap the benefits of earning a steady income from rental property without the challenges of owning, maintaining or managing real estate.

In addition, the income is insulated from changes in market value — while real estate values may fluctuate, rents, and therefore profits, rarely decline. And finally, because rental income is largely cash oriented, the portfolio offers investors a high degree of liquidity. It’s a strategy so distinctive Aegis Financial is seeking to patent it.

Aegis Financial is an innovative way for accredited investors to enjoy:
  • 3%-4% return annually
  • The security of a bonded, insured portfolio
  • The liquidity of a savings account
  • Convenient online account management
  • No transaction fees or early withdrawal penalties

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